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Edgar Gonzalez - Seminario técnico: Exhibicionismo digital

Edgar Gonzalez – Seminario técnico: Exhibicionismo digital

El 8 de marzo de 2011, Edgar Gonzalez, arquitecto, blogger y referente de la redes sociales, cuya oblonga disrupción visual: a la cacería de lo sublime ofrece lo más de nuevo y lo nuevo de lo último con una media de 3.500 visitas únicas diarias, impartió un seminario técnico sobre el exhibicionismo digital a los...

Observatorio Cultural

The Cultural Observatory is a space for reflection that IED Madrid has proposed in order to understand the direction of the world of creation from very diverse perspectives and with the participation of major international references of design and thought.


The Masters of design and innovation has an international nature in the wide range of our students’ different nationalities: they are from Taiwan, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Turkey, Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, France, China, Nicaragua, …etc., as well as the Master’s transversal academics, taught bilingually, which combine workshops, trips, seminars, Master’s classes and a...