The Masters of Design and Innovation prepare professionals to overcome the challenges presented by the global market and contemporary society. The Masters train professionals in the areas of product design, commercial communications, design concepts and business strategies, in order to develop their work transversally in multidisciplinary environments and lead successful projects.

We offer four different Master’s programs:
Master of European Design Labs – Director: Jaime Hayon
Master of Strategic Design Labs – Director: Carlos Barrabés
Master of Communication Design Labs – Director: Toni Segarra
Master of Product Design Labs – Coordinator: Álvaro Catalán de Ocón

The panorama of the professional practice of design and communications today is undergoing a constant process of transformation.As a result, new dynamic and interdisciplinary work methods are increasingly being created, facilitating new opportunities for collaboration and interaction between designers and organizations in productive, business, social and institutional sectors, both on a local and international level.