The impressions of Juan Felipe Dueñas, student of the Master of Communication Design Labs, about their “advertising trip” to Barcelona and Pamplona, where they were working with Toni Segarra in the advertising agency S.C.P.F. and visiting the “Dia C” festival.

The exercise to imagine a city from strange tales was always exciting and something coward for me. I drew in my head Nordic landscapes invaded by wonderful Valkyries, medieval cities forever loss in the modest heights of the Iberian Mountain System, faces of different colours spitting out Romance accents and the word “thank you” pronounced with innocence by a Polish woman. Barcelona and Pamplona, after Madrid, forced me to the joy of writing about the contradictions of my imagination through my own experiences.

It was in that trip where I understood that much of what you have dreamt it is true when you decide to follow yourself. To walk through the streets of unknown cities with people who share and understand your motivations ends up being the reason for the courage. A short week has taught me that the inspiration benefits you when you open your eyes for the first time. And that every journey is necessary when you know you are going to crash facing with anonymous people, who like you, waited most of their lives to touchtheir own dreams.

(Photos by Juan Felipe Dueñas)
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