Can you imagine riding 12 km on a bike to get to work? In Copenhagen this is what half of the population does every day. The bikes make their own space in the urban landscape of an almost CO2 neutral city.


The Danish city has the vision of showing global leadership as “The Eco-Metropole of the World” by 2015. It is a city in transformation that promises the best quality of life of current and future generations by turning itself into a green urban environment.

With breathtaking design and beautifully crafted objects, Copenhagen surprises us in every street walk. Every detail is taken care of; nothing is left to chance or to supposition. In companies such as Designit, great teams of designers work together everyday with problem solving strategies to create disruptive, future-ready solutions for the most intriguing design problems.

The use of social science methods to study human behavior is a key resource in firms like RedAssociates and Copenhagen Living Lab. The way in which they get to human centered solutions is inspiring.

We also had the chance to visit the CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), where we discussed our point of view on design matters, as well as the challenges for the upcoming generations.

This is how we spend a once in a lifetime week in Copenhagen. A place where the Free Town of Christiana coexists with the World-class architecture in Ørestad. The home of the best educated and happiest people of the World.

By: Mercedes Riba/ Isabel Ma. Baez



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