Unfortunately good things tend to end. And our visit to Paris is counting it’s last hours. So, the most important thing for me is to get the best of that time and to enjoy this pleasant blend of creativity, design, art and certainly, delicious cuisine.

Visiting Gabriele Pezzini studio early in the sunny morning was for us like a shot of strong espresso and a cold shower at the same time. It’s difficult to describe briefly his passion and inner energy, but this unlimited waterfall of desire for design can’t leave you indifferent.

After lunch we went to Pompidou Center of Modern Art which looks like a gigantic  layered cake located almost in the heart of Paris was the best dessert for every art-eater. Not only contemporary masterpieces inside the galleries but also breathtaking views of Paris make this place really memorable.

And, of course, one of the best of it was sharing our impressions and having nice dinner together. I hardly wish you to enjoy every single moment of your time like we did during the day before the end of the trip.